On July 7, Matador Records will release ‘Crowd Can Talk / Dressed in Trenches‘, a compilation of two Lifeguard EPs. ‘Crowd Can Talk’ was originally released in Summer 2022 by Chicago label Born Yesterday, while ‘Dressed in Trenches’ features five brand new and unreleased tracks. Crowd Can Talk / Dressed in Trenches will be available for the first time on vinyl (A and B sides of a 12″) and CD. A video for the new track “17-18 Lovesong” can be viewed below.

Lifeguard was formed in 2019 in Chicago and consists of Asher Case (bass, vocals), Isaac Lowenstein (drums, percussion), and Kai Slater (guitar, vocals). It’s a young band, but they’ve already found themselves at the forefront of an important emerging music community in their hometown. They are quite productive. In just three years, Lifeguard has released one full-length, two EPs and two 7″ singles.

Crowd Can Talk and Dressed in Trenches are closely related. They were recorded in separate sessions, but in the same studio (Electrical Audio), with the same engineer (Mike Lust), and within a 12-month time frame.

More than old records – before that, before anything – we’re influenced by live shows and people around us,” explains Slater. “The inspiration comes from playing shows with people and having that mind-blown moment of seeing some friend play at Schubas or Book Club,” adds Lowenstein. “It’s happening on these tiny little scales of seeing kids play live and [knowing] this is something new and interesting.”

Crowd Can Talk / Dressed In Trenches tracklist
Crowd Can Talk

1. New Age (I’ve Got A)
2. I Know I Know
3. Fifty Seven
4. Typecast

Dressed in Trenches

1. 17-18 Lovesong
2. Alarm
3. Ten Canisters (OFB)
4. Shutter Shutter
5. Tell Me When


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