L.A. DRUGZ released their acclaimed EP “Outside Place” on June 12 via Hovercraft Records from Portland, Oregon. Originally released in 2013, the EP quickly gained recognition as a power pop classic, earning the band a devoted fanbase. The group, featuring Justin Maurer from CLOROX GIRLS and SUSPECT PARTS, James Carman of MANIAC, TELEPHONE LOVERS, THE REFLECTORS, and IMAGES, Cezar Mora from BAD MACHINE, and Johnny “JD” Reyes, formerly of IMAGES and BAD MACHINE, forms a punk/power pop supergroup with a unique musical identity.

Inspired by the dissolution of CLOROX GIRLS in 2010, Maurer, along with Cezar Mora, and James Carman, embarked on crafting original songs under the moniker LA DRUGZ. The band’s debut EP, “Outside Place,” originally released by Hovercraft Records, is making a comeback for its 10-year anniversary edition reissue. The EP’s sound seamlessly blends classic power pop with melodic ’70s punk, drawing influences from a diverse range of bands such as THE NERVES, BUZZCOCKS, THE KIDS, and more. With infectious tracks like “Ooh Ooh Ooh” and “Marina,” the EP showcases Maurer’s talent for crafting memorable pop songs. Produced by the band in Calimucho, Kevin Carle’s home studio, and mastered by Daniel Hadji Husayn at North London Bomb Factory, the EP delivers a warm analog sound perfect for vinyl enthusiasts.

Their music video for the song “Outside Place” draws inspiration from the ’80s punk film “Repo Man,” humorously recreating iconic scenes across Los Angeles. Featuring cameos from members of bands like IMAGES, THE REFLECTORS, MANIAC, SUSPECT PARTS, CUTE LEPERS, and CLOROX GIRLS, the video is directed by Brett Roberts, with Ardavon Fatehi as the director of photography and FX by Noel Taylor. Produced by Justin Maurer, formerly of CLOROX GIRLS, the video adds a visual punch to the EP’s release.

Maurer befriended filmmaker Brett Roberts in the early 2000s in Portland, where Roberts had been creating music videos for bands such as MEAN JEANS, POISON IDEA, and LONG KNIFE. Roberts shot the video for “Outside Place” in as many locations from Repo Man as possible, even illegally shooting sans-permit in the L.A. River. Shortly after filming, Justin’s Hyundai Accent was ironically repossessed due to being a couple of months behind in payments. “Outside Place” would later be featured in the Liz W. Garcia film “The Lifeguard,” in a scene where Kristen Bell recklessly drives a Jeep through a field in Connecticut, while “All The Time” was featured on Season 5, Episode 5 of the Showtime series “Shameless.”

Justin Maurer, the dynamic frontman of L.A. DRUGZ, has a rich history in the punk scene and beyond. Growing up in Los Angeles and Bainbridge Island, Washington, he has made significant contributions as an American Sign Language interpreter, working at events featuring figures like Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, and at concerts for punk icons such as Alice Bag, The Linda Lindas and The Avengers. He has also written and produced the play “Falling on Deaf Eyes,” which explores his life as a punk musician and a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult). His expertise led him to work closely with Troy Kotsur, star of Apple TV’s Oscar-winning film “CODA,” and to voice for Kotsur’s Oscar acceptance speech at the 2022 Academy Awards. Recently, Maurer and Kotsur appeared together on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” marking another milestone in his multifaceted career.

As L.A. DRUGZ prepares to unveil the reissue of their iconic EP “Outside Place,” the band invites fans old and new to rediscover the electrifying energy and infectious melodies that have defined their sound for over a decade. With a blend of classic power pop and melodic ’70s punk, this reissue celebrates the enduring legacy of L.A. DRUGZ and their commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Join L.A. DRUGZ on June 12 as they unleash “Outside Place” once again, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through the vibrant and timeless world of punk rock excellence.


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