The exciting new UK talent contributes another banger to DJ EZ’s Nuvolve label

Rising UK Garage star Kolly Borda is back with his latest earworm single ‘Wishes’, out now on DJ EZ’s label Nuvolve.

An uplifting soundscape built around an intricate garage groove, ‘Wishes is a prime example of Kolly Borda’s inventive and layered use of pitched-up vocal hooks. With samples including a nod to UK legend Burial, this is pure and distilled old skool garage, crafted to perfection by this emerging star.

‘Wishes’ is the latest banger from the up-and-coming UK-Garage & DnB producer, Kolly Borda, who has taken the scene by storm with his unique approach to vocal manipulation. Born and raised in Stourbridge, Kolly was exposed to the vibrant sounds of UK garage at a young age, and from then on, he knew music was his calling. What sets Kolly Borda apart from other producers is his skillful use of vocal manipulation. He has a talent for taking vocal samples and transforming them into something completely new and unexpected. He uses his knowledge of sound design to create interesting and innovative textures that add a whole new dimension to his tracks.

Kolly’s productions are filled with catchy hooks and infectious beats, which have garnered him a growing fan base both in the UK and abroad. His ability to combine classic UK garage sounds with modern production techniques has caught the attention of several labels, with an array of forthcoming tracks on some of the most prominent UK garage labels alongside his own imprint, KOSHA.AUDIO. Kolly is known for his attention to detail and his dedication to perfecting his craft. He spends hours in the studio every day, experimenting with new sounds and techniques to push the boundaries of UK garage & UKG inspired DNB.

Wishes is the latest forward-thinking release from DJ EZ’s Nuvolve label. Flying the flag for the constant evolution of the Garage genre, Nuvolve shines a light on future sounds and emerging artists whilst never forgetting its roots. A roster where legends like Todd Edwards and Sweet Female Attitude rub shoulders with white-hot risers like MPH and WZA, pays testament to the label’s unique position of showcasing the brightest and best artists of the future alongside those of the past.

With his unique approach to vocal manipulation and his undeniable talent as a producer, Kolly Borda continues to make a big impact on the UK garage scene.


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