Tez, the Kent-based maestros of soulful ambiance and introspective lyricism, dropped their new single , “Whirlpool,” on January 10th, 2024. This entrancing track, set to shine as the centrepiece of their EP, effortlessly blends soulful melodies, ambient vibes, and anthemic riffing, promising an unparalleled auditory experience.

Formed in March 2023, Tez has swiftly become a musical powerhouse with their distinct style—Soulful Ambient Indie with Introspective lyrics. Comprising Joe Martin, Dan Hughes, Oscar Saunders and Owen Mellett, the quartet has not only garnered BBC Introducing recognition but also secured a premiere in Wonderland Magazine, solidifying their status as innovators in the industry.

The genesis of “Whirlpool” unfolded at Unwound Studio London, a collaborative masterpiece with producer Ian Flynn. Born from a successful crowdfunding campaign, the track is a testament to Tez’s deep connection with their fan base, who pledged an impressive £1664 to bring this auditory enchantment to life.

Whirlpool” is more than a song; it’s a call to surrender to the magnetic allure of Tez’s unique sound. With influences echoing the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Tame Impala, and Foals, Tez invites you to dive into a realm where soulful ambiance meets anthemic riffing. As anticipation builds for the upcoming EP, “Whirlpool” is a tantalising glimpse into a world where music becomes a mesmerising force of nature.

Tez is making waves with their distinctive style, drawing inspiration from Two Door Cinema Club, Tame Impala, and Foals. Their EP promises a musical journey that transcends boundaries, and “Whirlpool” serves as the perfect introduction to the sonic landscapes they’re creating.


Hailing from Canterbury, Kent, Tez is a soulful, ambient, indie quartet that weaves indie rock allure, infectious melodies, and soulful, introspective lyrics into a beguiling tapestry of sound. Drawing inspiration from Foals, Ben Howard, Syd Arthur and Palace.

Since coming together in march 2023, the soulful ambiance and anthemic riffing and from the Kentish quartet immediately picked up the interest of BBC Introducing, secured a Wonderful Magazine premiere, headlined Switzerland’s prestigious Festival Tiefental, signed a sync deal with Plutonic Music Group and sold out their first headline, self promoted, show at the award winning Ramsgate Music Hall, in celebration of the first release from their upcoming EP.


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