A budding talent in the Alternative R&B space, jocelvn began exploring her musical talents after performing at local college festivals which presented opportunities to open for artists like Lucky Daye, Mereba, and Dreezy. Growing up in both California and Taiwan, the multicultural artist melds their expansive influences to produce a fluid Alt-R&B/Soul sound.

Versatile, smooth, and full of care, her songwriting lends structure and feel-good ambience to emotions she captures so well; her songs are subtle about inviting you to feel, and feel again. With hints of Syd, Jhené Aiko, UMI, and Kehlani mixed in, jocelvn’s music is fresh, honest, and full of potential. Following numerous placements on Spotify’s coveted “New Music Friday” playlists as well as other editorials and gaining over 1M cumulative streams, the independent R&B solo artist is hoping to gain even greater acclaim with her latest release, “delusional.”

delusional” seems to represent jocelvn in the perfect light. An almost hypnotic deep bass beat fills the air throughout the track, with her dream-like vocals so effortlessly floating on top of proceedings. jocelvn’s pop-woven melodies offer up a soul-stirring and captivating atmosphere, reminiscent of early Frank Ocean in the way her voice cuts through the noise with such an underlying authority.

Silky hooks from the off are prevalent in “delusional” in a song that releases the frustration over dealing with someone impossible or “just plain evil.” Boasting elements of both vulnerability and cutthroat honesty, the track captures a certain feeling of rawness through a smooth, sultry vocal delivery atop a punchy beat that is cool and chill but feels almost danceable.

Innovative and soothing all at once, jocelvn has created her own sound world in “delusional”. The differing pitches and textures of vocals adds another layer to the song entirely, making it even more compelling as this track guides you by the hand and takes you on her unique sonic journey.

jocelvn says “Writing this song felt especially cathartic, because I was writing about someone I felt like I couldn’t reach through conversation. Some of the things they said to me were so bizarre and manipulative that I genuinely felt that the only explanation was that they had to be delusional if they thought they were being true.”


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