The new single by the Danish-Irish pop artist welcomes summer with a burst of cool energy and a hot nostalgic feel. ‘Summertime’ is out now!!

By drawing inspiration from her Irish folk roots to experimenting with different genres like authentic 70’s funk music and the eras of rock, disco and indie pop, Selma Higgins has carved out her very own laidback alternative pop sound. Always with skillful songwriting as the backbone of her artistry.

With its infectious groove, bold surf guitars and Selma’s playful and unique voice,her new single ‘Summertime’ is the perfect warm and colorful love song about summer!

I wanted to make it a sensuous, sensual song, almost like Grease’s ‘Summer Nights’. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach and wanting to open yourself to someone. And the excitement, because it’s the summer, anything can happen. And that’s such a feeling,” Selma Higgins says.

Summertime’ describes how imperfectness and being awkward can be a total turn-on. It’s the almost comical and weirdly sensual story of how attraction isn’t necessarily in the looks but in the energy of a person, while the spoken word-like chorus adds a modern twist to the pop-nostalgic sound. ‘Summertime’ is notably co-produced by Danish international hitmaker, Ronni Vindahl, known for his work with , Avicii and Kendrick Lamar.

Selma Higgins debuted in 2020 with a folk-inspired EP-release rooted in her Nordic and Irish upbringing. She re-introduced herself with a new sound in March 2023and the release of ‘Sunlight’, instantly claiming the attention from international media like METAL Magazine (ES), Ones To Watch (US), HUNGER Magazine (UK) and many more. Eventually, ‘Sunlight’ was chosen as “Song of the Week” on Danish national radio P3 claiming a nationwide hit record on air.

Named “A meteor strike in Danish music” by leading culture newspaper, Politiken, Selma Higgins has proved herself as an artist who never limits her musical output to a specific sound or style, releasing flawless singles like ‘CAN’T DO THIS’ and ‘A Family’.

Summertime’ is released May 31st on One Seven Music / No3.


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