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Baby Said are kicking things off with an exhilarating start. Before having a single release to their name, the pair have performed 200 gigs across the UK, signed directly with Lucia Wade at ITB – the booking agent of their favourite band Maneskin (who also inspired their name) and are already working  on an album with some of the UK’s leading indie/rock /pop producers and writers; Damon Minchella (Chappaqua Wrestling), Patch & Steve Battelle (McFly), Lewis Gardiner (Twin Atlantic).

This remarkable duo, composed of the exceptionally talented Italian/Punjabi sisters, Veronica (19) and Jess Pal (17), is on the verge of releasing their inaugural track, FIGHT. A pop-rock infused offering that stands for resilience, authenticity and societal disruption, via Pal Records.  Collaborating with seasoned producer Gethin Pearson (Orla Gartland, Crystal Fighters) during a five-hour journey to Wales, their creative voyage culminated in the birth of “FIGHT” born from their shared experiences as young female artists in an industry statistically dominated by men. However, their story transcends the realm of music. It is a testament to the youth movement they are spearheading, driven by unwavering and boundless creativity, emerging at the intersection of music and everyday life.

In Jess’s words, “Our song ‘FIGHT’ is about all the times that we were gigging as our cover band when some groups of men didn’t believe that we could play before we even started and didn’t believe that we were actually playing live, which led to us having to stop our set and prove ourselves to them. The lyrics ‘we’re just gonna roll our eyes’ and ‘we don’t run from a fight’ are our blunt retaliation to this and show that we won’t let anyone stop us from doing what we love.”

Adding an intriguing layer to their narrative, the visuals accompanying FIGHT evoke the counterculture visuals of the 1990s with their distorted circular imagery. It’s a reminder that music is not just about sound but also about the visual and emotional experience it provides.

Veronica and Jess Pal’s musical journey began at a very young age. Veronica first picked up the acoustic guitar at the age of 6, inspired by a band of guitarists she saw at church. She pursued her passion for music by completing all her guitar exams up to grade 8, transitioning from classical guitar to electric guitar. Jess, on the other hand, started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 4, often playing alongside her sister. After experimenting with keyboards and piano, Jess was drawn to the bass guitar after watching the live performance of Måneskin at Sanremo in 2021.

Their journey as Baby Said was ignited after a summer of busking in 2021. Their talents were quickly recognized, and they were invited to play in local venues, leading to the birth of their covers band, AstroModa. In just two years, they have performed at over 200 gigs all over the country, building their confidence and skills to pursue their goal of writing, recording, and releasing their own original music. In March 2023, Baby Said partnered with Big Hug Management, a significant step in their musical career. With this new collaboration, the sisters chose the name “Baby Said,” inspired by their favourite song, “Baby Said” by their favourite band, Måneskin.

With their debut release, FIGHT,” Baby Said is poised to take the music world by storm, positioning themselves as one of the most thrilling newcomers on the scene and strong contenders for the coveted Ones to Watch lists in 2024. Their empowering message of self-belief and determination resonates with anyone who has ever faced adversity while pursuing their dreams.


Nov 30th – Source Live Nation Showcase 
Old Blue Last Stage time 21:00 (30 min)


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