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We’re putting it out there now: 2023 is the year that new bands are getting maximal. Where pop supergroup FIZZ are leading the charge with musical theatre-adjacent, unashamedly OTT eccentricities, ‘Backseat Baby’ positions London-based Americans Cosmorat as the cooler, sassier kids at the back of the bus. As a debut, it still throws everything on the table – playground chanty vocals; whisper-to-shout dynamics; cooing harmonies – but there’s a swagger present too that suggests their next offering could be literally anything.”DIY MAG

“Having spent the last few years honing a distinct and groovy signature sound for themselves, Cosmorat are all set to introduce themselves to the indie-rock scene, leaving us excited for their upcoming project”EARMILK

debut single in “Backseat Baby,” a punchy alt-pop tune that shakes n’ snakes and glides n’ slides as it crashes” – VANYALAND

Following on from the rousing response to their highly-praised debut single “Backseat Baby” in recent months, London-based US Cosmorat look to continue their innovative indie-pop aesthetic they are cultivating for themselves with their vibrant new offering “S.A.D L.U.V“.

Conjuring another rich and shimmering dose of sweeping guitar-pop textures for their newest outing, “S.A.D L.U.V” is another shining example of why so many have been quick to support the emerging band of late. Inspired by singer Taylor Pollock’s experiences heading into womanhood, the track strikes a confident message of what it truly means to leave behind your innocence and embark into the unknown of adult life.

Speaking about “S.A.D L.U.V“, Taylor said, “Ascending into womanhood for me was quite a turbulent experience, and I still have some scars that linger from that time in my life. S.A.D L.U.V is meant to channel my inner child, girlhood, and rage. I remember hitting puberty and having attention from boys and men that were way too old for me, which made me embarrassed by my body. I would cover up and awkwardly laugh. Then, when I started rejecting the inappropriate comments, I became known as hysterical and over-emotional. There was a very specific turning point for me where I felt that even when I was happy, I couldn’t experience it fully as there was always something I thought I was lacking. “Couldn’t take a compliment, took everything too seriously, covered up too much, didn’t show enough”.

“I thought getting older would change me and people would mature, but unfortunately, some things are so embedded into our culture and some things were so lodged into my brain that unlearning that self-hatred has taken years.This song was very cathartic for me to write as it feels like I am finally working out of my diffidence and forgiving myself for the years of self-deprecation caused by not matching the standards of what a lot of people expected me to be.

“We kept this arrangement sparse and organic to make it feel like we were all a bunch of kids playing around in the kitchen, hitting bottles and pans, chanting along together. I was very inspired by the old handshakes and games my friends and I would learn, but I tried to put it in a more mature setting. I hope when people listen to it, they think of Carrie and her rage.”

Cosmorat is the brainchild of Taylor Pollock and Olly Liu. Taylor grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania. She started her music career gigging at bars and playing in various garages and basements around her hometown. As most kids from rural farm areas, Taylor’s experiences growing up were peppered with exploring decaying buildings, haunting empty malls, hanging out at gas stations, and getting into trouble out of boredom. Dealing with the mundanity and trauma that comes with late stage capitalism, Taylor explores what it means to be evil, and if people consider their opinions and actions or if it is more grey.

Taylor met Olly in college where they shared a love of Alabama Shakes and blues music. They began writing together and have been in and out of several bands before focusing on making their own project. They studied recording engineering to explore their love of textures and sounds. They not only try to conjure up emotional responses with densely packed lyrics, but they also try to make soundscapes with guitars and vocals to create sonic scenery. After their move to to London, Taylor and Olly added Lorenzo Burgio to the line up, for breakbeats, samples, and bombastic drums.

The band recently became a four-piece being joined by keyboardist Chloe Mercadal (she/they) who previously worked with Olly at Eastcote Studios.

Cosmorat SAD LUV artwork

Upcoming live shows:
showcase 2nd November – more info HERE


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