Named after the Polish author of science fiction and philosophy, ‘Stanislaw Lem’ harnesses minimal guitars and vocals around lyrics that delve into much larger themes. Subtly written, they explore speculative ideas of new possibilities and moving beyond the constraints of the modern world.

Speaking about the track, Seafarer Fables says: “‘Stanislaw Lem’ is about exploring new places and ideas, but it’s also a reflection on our lives and how we live. The idea of home is also quite important to the song. It spans New Zealand where I am from, Melbourne where I live, Montreal where it was mixed, and Lisbon where the music video was filmed.”

The track’s accompanying music video brings its exploration themed origins to life. Shot as a classic early 20th century silent film with contrasting futuristic themes, its captivating visuals hone in on the song’s outward looking lyrics.

Seafarer Fables adds, “When I wrote the song, I had an idea of it being the backdrop to a silent movie. I like the idea of early sci-fi mixed with expressionist film, in an age where technology is simple and DIY.”


Seafarer Fables writes observant and thought-provoking songs inspired by journeys, folklore and storytelling. His intimate style of songwriting channels themes of adventure, existentialism, and the intricacies of modern life, with dashes of his home culture imbued in his vocal delivery and minimal acoustic setup.

Raised near the ocean in Aotearoa New Zealand, Seafarer Fables currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. He released his debut album Cold Climate on NZ based label Home Alone, who have previously worked with some of New Zealand’s most exciting new artists. Now, after a hiatus away from the spotlight, Seafarer Fables is looking to share his inimitable brand of music to new audiences. 

Inspired by contemporaries such as Adrianne Lenker, Kevin Morby, Hand Habits, Lomelda and Andy Shauf, his indie folk infused aesthetic forms the bedrock to his artistry, whilst his forward thinking lyrics offer honest insights into his curious psyche.

Stanislaw Lem’ is the beginning of a new chapter for Seafarer Fables. With more exciting music releases planned – including a brand new EP – 2024 is poised to be a prosperous year for the singer-songwriter.


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