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Following the announcement of their forthcoming album, Hiatus Kaiyote returns to share a new single “Telescope.” The third track from Love Heart Cheat Code due June 28th via Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune, “Telescope” is a reflection of the collective’s personal as well as otherworldly inspirations. 

On “Telescope,” the band transports listeners to an intimate crux in the universe to find solace in their shared musicality. Speaking on the track’s significance Bender (bass) shares, “NASA has a website where you can type in your birthday and then it will tell you the most interesting thing that the Hubble telescope took a picture of on your birthday. And so each of the four verses is based on our four birthdays.” Bender’s heavenly object was Abell (2744); Simon’s the Einstein Ring; Nai’s the “Red Pearl on the face of Jupiter,” and Pez’s a nameless star that exploded with a light many times brighter than our sun. Musically, the song was triggered by Simon’s play with a patch from a 1980s-era synthesizer, Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 600.

Last month, Hiatus Kaiyote announced their full North American Summer tour launching June 21st with stops including New York, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Oakland among others. Full tour routing can be found below.

Love Heart Cheat Code is a snapshot of four musicians dancing together on the edge, 11 playful, exuberant tracks that shine light. Yet, for a band that made a name for itself with its complexity and received critical praise and multiple Grammy nominations for their embrace of maximalism, one of the most striking things about Love Heart Cheat Code is its simplicity. “I’m a maximalist. I complicate fucking everything,” Nai laughs. “But the more you go through things in life, you become more relaxed and uninhibited. Sometimes you can still have depth and reach people and really stop dancing around the fact: What do you want to communicate to people? And I feel like this album is a result of that clarity for us. We didn’t need to spell out complexity if the song didn’t call for it.”

On the forthcoming album, the band’s direction is not always attained directly; less deliberate, and more via deliberation and drift: in jam sessions that last late into the night and early mornings; in meals shared; in messing around with equipment and with each other. The album also features other Melbourne-based musicians like Taylor “Chip” Crawford, who played an instrument of his own invention called the frello; guitarist Tom Martin; and flautist Nikodimos; and the unprecedented addition of a very important creative force: Mario Caldato, whose work with the Beastie Boys and Seu Jorge is the stuff of legends.

Hiatus Kaiyote have always spoken about their albums as microcosms, a complete ecosystem. On Love Heart Cheat Code the band envisioned a strong visual world to coincide with the music and they worked with Sri Lanken-born, Toronto-based multimedia artist Rajni Perera using one of her paintings as the artwork for the album. Illustrator Chloe Biocca and Grey Ghost then collaborated with the band to create visual symbols and associated artifacts for each of the tracks on the project that pairs alongside Rajni’s painting. The artifacts morphed into real products, custom jewelry, edible goods, ranging from the inspired to the haunted and the utterly random. Eventually, this led the band to conceive an entirely imagined place, a Love Heart Cheat Code supermarket with the band as its employees who create these products, market them, stack the shelves, clean the aisles etc. In the banality of creating art into “product” for the modern world, the band finds solace in each item (or song) as they are packed with transcendent and resplendent musical magic.

Throughout the album, Hiatus Kaiyote emphasizes sensing rather than knowing, a type of trust that can only be brought through creative harmony and hours of studio sessions. The result is a wide-eyed, cohesive, yet relaxed body of work that reflects a deeper understanding of themselves and the music they wish to share with the world around them.

Hiatus Kaiyote consists of Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield (guitar, vocals), Paul Bender (bass), Simon Mavin (keyboards), and Perrin Moss (drums). The band has been sampled by many household names including The Carters (Beyoncé & Jay-Z), Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Chance The Rapper, and Drake—with whom Nai Palm also collaborated with on his Scorpion album. They’ve also received co-signs from celebrated artists including Kehlani, Willow Smith, Virgil Abloh, among others. Last Fall, Doja Cat covered Mood Valiant single “Red Room” at the Live Lounge in Los Angeles and has continued to perform the song across her tour. 

Upcoming Live Dates

6/21 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Egyptian Room 
6/23 – Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre 
6/25 – Toronto, ON @ Toronto Jazz Festival 
6/27 – Montreal, QC @ Festival International de Montréal – TD Stage
6/28 – Boston, MA @ Roadrunner 
6/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Franklin Music Hall 
7/1 – Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore Silver Spring 
7/2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Paramount 
7/6 – Atlanta, GA @ The Eastern 
7/7 – Nashville, TN @ Brooklyn Bowl 
7/9 – Chicago, IL @ Salt Shed Indoors 
7/10 – St. Louis, MO @ The Big Top
7/12 – St. Paul, MN @ Palace Theatre 
7/13 – Des Moines, IA @ 80/35 Festival
7/16 – Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Hall 
7/17 – Carnation, WA @ Remlinger Farms (w/Digable Planets + The Free Nationals)
7/18 – Portland, OR @ Grand Lodge (w/The Free Nationals + Digable Planets)
7/20 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater

tour artwork
“Telescope” single artwork
Love Heart Cheat Code album artwork

Hiatus Kaiyote 
Love Heart Cheat Code 
June 28, 2024 
Brainfeeder Records / Ninja Tune

1. Dreamboat 
2. Telescope 
3. Make Friends 
4. BMO is Beautiful 
5. Everything’s Beautiful 
6. Dimitri 
7. Longcat 
8. How To Meet Yourself 
9. Love Heart Cheat Code
10. Cinnamon Temple
11. White Rabbit


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