“Henry Green’s ‘Uyuni’ Shimmers With Light” CLASH MAGAZINE

“Henry Green is a music producer with a penchant for crafting sublime electronic tracks”1883 MAGAZINE

“‘Uyuni’, marks the start of a fresh new chapter of musicality for the electronic producer”WONDERLAND


Fresh from the success of his latest single, “Uyuni,” which excited high praise from esteemed music publications, including Clash Magazine, Independent, and Wonderland Magazine, talented electronic artist and producer, Henry Green, is showing no signs of slowing down as he returns with an exciting new single titled “Outside”.

Continuing his creative journey, “Outside” stands as his boldest sonic expression yet. With the release of each track, he offers a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead, building anticipation for a project that promises to be a remarkable musical endeavour.

In Outside,” Henry Green embarks on a captivating journey into the realm of dance music, exuding his trademark sophistication throughout. The song cleverly incorporates a sample from The Temptations’ timeless classic “I Wish It Would Rain,” and the simplicity and depth of the hook “I wanna go outside” make it a perfect fit for a summer post-lockdown anthem. Henry Green’s genuine and heartfelt approach to songwriting has earned him a devoted global following, and “Outside” is poised to reinforce his position among the contemporary electro royalty. Its introspective and universally relatable lyrics, coupled with lush production, ensure that this single will resonate with both his long-standing supporters and newcomers alike.

Henry Green shared the story on how the new single came about; “I remember writing the original sketch for Outside, during one of the many lockdowns here in the UK. I knew that, when writing the original chord progression, I wanted to work with a sample rather than my own vocal. It felt serendipitous the way that the sample was found. I stumbled across a recording of David Ruffin of The Temptations on my laptop. I’d seemingly downloaded it years prior to sample and that line ‘I want to go outside’ lined up almost perfectly as I was searching through my files. Obviously, the literal meaning resonated during that period of confinement, but it also resonated so strongly given the mental space I was in, and the desperation I was feeling to escape my own internal dialogue.”

Since Henry Green’s emergence onto the music scene with the unveiling of his debut EP in 2015, he has amassed an impressive global following with hundreds of millions of streams, with fans extending to other highly-respected names in the genre. Kygo, Dark Sky, Max Cooper and Cyril Hahn have all remixed Green’s original works, meanwhile, Green has remixed Parra for Cuva and Mt Wolf, and collaborated with Christian Loffler and Peter Sandberg.

Accomplishments such as supporting renowned acts like London Grammar and Nick Mulvey on tour, as well as successfully selling out numerous headline shows, further attest to Green’s undeniable talent.

Now, breaking the silence that has prevailed during the lockdown period, he triumphantly returns with fresh original material. Green, like all of us, was forced inwards over lockdown. But, for someone who already thrived in their own space whilst the world outside kept spinning, the pandemic presented a new layer to unravel around the idea of belonging. With everyone confined to the same limits, the freedom to sink into guilt-free seclusion was countered by an onslaught of public pessimism towards the very way of life that Green had so long enjoyed. Pouring the intense duality of lockdown into his music, Green has waded through his most potent sense of imposter syndrome and paralysing fear to deliver what is undoubtedly his best work to date. 

Renowned for his introspective and emotionally charged songwriting, Green strikes a resonant chord with his listeners, forging an intimate connection that transcends conventional boundaries.


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