Hailey Knox for COLORS Studios

What the press is saying about Hailey Knox: 

“Bridging succinct songwriting and hypnotic, stripped back vocals, Knox captures the growth she’s experienced”Pigeons and Planes 

“Preternaturally soulful voice” Billboard

“A piece of advice? Jump on the bandwagon now.”UPROXX 

Today, Hailey Knox premieres her new single “Double Tragedy” via a stunning COLORS Studios performance. Ahead of the debut, Knox has released a handful of singles which has been met with uproar from new and old fans alike, most notably “What You Need,” “Stranger” and “11th Hour.” The growing stream of singles hints at a full project to come.

On this latest offering, Hailey details the tireless back and forth from an old flame who continues to string her along, keeping Knox in a constant state of anxiety who notes, “Caught up in everything that he told me // Does he want me? Or does he want to let me go?” Despite her best judgment she keeps coming back for more, hanging on for confirmation that her toxic lover feels the same way. Though her lyrics communicate frustration her vocals remain smooth as she effortlessly showcases her impressive range and magnificent register.

First picking up the guitar at age of 7 years old, music has always offered Hailey true therapeutic release. Speaking on her cherished relationship with songwriting she shares, “Once I write a song, I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose—and not going crazy! It’s not overthought. I’m touching on different vibes like rap and soul, but the guitar is always my safe space.” Through this cherished medium of self-expression, Hailey’s innate musicality has garnered her cosigns from SZA, Justin Bieber, Tierra Whack, Zach Bryan, Robert Glasper, and so many more, slowly becoming every artist’s favorite artist of 2024.


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