After spending the last few years building and developing a wonderfully distinctive direction for himself, “grunge-soul” pioneer EPONINE is now ready to introduce his sound to the wider world as he delivers his shimmering debut single ‘Pink Lemonade’.

Marking the first of what is set to be a sprawling array of releases in the months to come, ‘Pink Lemonade’ makes for a rousing introduction to what he has in store for us on the horizon. With its smooth and breezy aesthetic that perfectly elevates his woozy vocal performance throughout, he is kicking things off with a brilliantly fresh and exciting initial offering.

Speaking about his new effort, he said, “I wrote Pink Lemonade a few years ago about a really special feeling and I knew from the start that it was the first song I wanted to share. When it came to recording it was hard to strike the right balance between all the different influences and to find the right arrangement for it, but it all came together nicely when I worked with Dan D’lion. We worked really well together, even though the song had been in the works and developing for a long time, we got it done within a couple days in the studio. Musically there were obviously certain vibes I wanted but that feeling of wanting someone everyday doesn’t come around too often, so it was important to get it right to do it all justice.”

With the heart of a poet, the mind of a scoundrel, and the body of a Tim Burton character superimposed into a 90s David Fincher film, EPONINE inhabits a world that embraces the darkest timeline. Surrounded by heroin-chic imagery with a quintessentially English environment, the grunge-soul pioneer stands as the antithesis of our squeaky clean, homogenised pop-star/celebrity culture idolatry; drenched in sleaze and a brooding sense of darkness.

But just like any flawed protagonist, EPONINE never sees the world as it truly, but how he hopes it to be. His music stands as a reflection to this juxtaposition; simmering with captivating melodies on the outside with a raw and desolate underworld buried within it.

Describing his storytelling as a form of “masochistic hedonism”, the stoner-jazz innovator flirts with the world around him, inviting just a small taste of it into each and every one of his songs. With each new entry, we discover a new piece about his character. His loves, hates, and even his fondness for Lucozade. He breathes a heartfelt passion into all of his music, keeping a sense of his true self always at arm’s length.

Always involved with the creation of his music, EPONINE’s post-modern R&B direction has been a result of his time on the road. Conceived on many late-night drives, he looks to reflect these calm and carefree moments throughout his work, creating a beautifully warm and reflective attitude that never strays too far from his darkened surroundings.


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