Irish indie band Good Strangers is poised to captivate audiences with the release of their EP, ‘Adult Teenage Novels‘ today, November 10th. Leading the charge is the evocative lead single ‘War In My Head‘ a soul-stirring composition born from the depths of personal struggle.

Best friends since 3, turned bandmates Niamh Kirby and Conor Quinn along with bandmates Kevin Farrell (guitar), Luke Butt (bass) and Des Brodie (drums) have channelled their creative synergy into a sonic journey that resonates with themes of love, loss, sexuality, and the tumultuous transition to adulthood. The name “Good Strangers” pays tribute to the profound impact of the diverse individuals they’ve encountered on their musical odyssey.

The EP, produced by the acclaimed Alex Borwick (Sam Fender, Lankum, Catfish & The Bottlemen), features six tracks which masterfully weave together shimmering guitars and ethereal vocals.

War In My Head‘, the EP’s lead single, emerged as a powerful testament to the band’s commitment to authenticity and vulnerability. Penned amidst a personal battle with mental health, Quinn, the main songwriter, crafted a song that candidly delves into the struggle to balance the demands of everyday life. The track’s composition evolved from a contemplative Paul Simon-esque vibe to a resounding anthem infused with elements of 90’s rock and folk.

Quinn reflects on the songwriting process, stating the song emerged during a pivotal moment in the summer of 2023… “I wrote ‘War In My Head’ while finalizing mixes for the EP. It poured out quickly amidst the chaos of life and my struggle with mental health.” The recording process mirrored this spontaneity, with Niamh adding, “It was the quickest turnaround from writing to recording we’ve ever had, capturing the raw essence of the song’s meaning.” The track’s sonic evolution from Americana to a heavier sound pays homage to influential bands like The Cranberries and The Stone Roses.

The ‘Adult Teenage Novels‘ EP stands as a testament to Good Strangers’ ability to harness personal turmoil and transform it into a cathartic sonic experience. With tracks like ‘Private Hell,’ ‘Egyptian Summer,’ ‘Reno,’ and ‘The Garden,’ listeners can expect a visceral journey through the complex tapestry of human emotion.

The overall concept of ‘Adult Teenage Novelsʼ was inspired by main writer Quinnʼs personal struggles with his mental health following the end of a significant relationship. Quinn says ‘ʼThe songs on the EP are mostly about a break up. I know itʼs an overdone cliche, but I wanted to write about the end of a relationship from a personal perspective and document that experience in real time as it was happening to me through writing. Break ups are a universally shit thing that most of us as humans, will have to go through at least once in our lives. I think that the intense emotions felt through the end of a long term relationship & losing someone you genuinely cared about can very much be associated with the feelings associated with grief.’

Quinn continues, “Although the lyrics of the songs off the record are quite depressing and dark,we wanted the music to be an almost juxtaposition of that sadness. When we went to record the songs with Alex, we were mindful of the fact that we wanted to have a hopefulness & an uplifting energy to the music to counter the nostalgic feelings of grief & regrets that often comes with the concept of a break up album”.

Adult Teenage Novels” was meticulously crafted in Black Mountain and Grouse Lodge Recording Studios Ireland, ensuring a rich and immersive auditory experience for fans of indie rock.

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