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“Pop perfection!” – Abbie McCarthy, BBC Radio presenter

“The pop-led epiphany is something everyone can relate to, making it all the more infectious” – NOTION

“Lo Lauren is rising up the ranks, quickly proving herself to be a potent name in the commercial sphere” – WONDERLAND MAGAZINE

Having garnered the admiration of BBC Radio 1, achieved the esteemed title of ‘Track of the Week’ on her local BBC Introducing platform, and amassed an impressive +350,000 streams with just two singles to her credit, the emerging pop sensation Lo Lauren continues her ascent to pop-prominence with the release of her latest creation, “Monster.”

Collaboratively crafted with the talents of Andysocialclub and KIN, Lo Lauren employs her astute and introspective songwriting approach to intricately capture the nuances of a fervent yet forbidden love, drawing inspiration from a deeply personal experience that left her torn between the allure of desire and the constraints of morality. With the hallmark elements of Lo Lauren’s music, including soaring pop hooks,  angsty guitar riffs, and pulsating basslines, “Monster” is an anthem designed to be belted out with unbridled enthusiasm.

“I’d be your homewrecker, bad things I would do / I’d throw away my morals, just to end up with you / Cos maybe heartbreak is a just a forfeit for greater good with you” lyrics from Lo Lauren’s “Monster

On the inspiration behind the single, Lo Lauren explains, “Monster is about wanting to be with someone that’s already in a relationship – a tricky situation that I personally went through! It’s a true question of morals and being torn over what’s right and wrong – should I break someone else’s heart or my own? 

With the release of Monster” Lo Lauren continues to shatter the conventional boundaries separating artist from audience, graciously welcoming listeners into her realm where the raw depths of human emotions are unveiled without reservation. It is within this unapologetic sincerity and vulnerability that the song truly distinguishes itself within her rapidly expanding discography, drawing inspiration from the resounding success of her debut single, “Never The One,” and her most recent offering, “Only One on Earth.”

The spark of her artistic momentum was ignited by the release of “Never The One,” which garnered the attention of BBC Radio, with Radio 1’s Mollie King bestowing it with not one, but two spins on her ‘Future Pop’ show. Maia Beth further amplified this acclaim, and fellow BBC presenter, Abbie McCarthy, elevated the single to the status of her ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Introducing Kent, describing it as nothing short of “Pop perfection.”

Lo Lauren has also received affirmations from reputable publications like Wonderland Magazine, Notion, NME, and DSP’s, with her two releases to date already flying at 6 figures. Lo Lauren carries with her the promise of additional offerings that poignantly encapsulate her emotions, transforming them into anthemic pop compositions that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on any new listener. In doing so, she breathes fresh life into the tracks that once served as the soundtrack to your teenage years, infusing them with a renewed sense of vitality.



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