‘Truly captivating… awe invoking’ WONDERLAND

“Her music has a weightless quality, something that transcends the ephemeral to grapple with key facets of our lives” CLASH

Ghostly Kisses, the ethereal musical collaboration between French Canadians Margaux Sauvé and Louis-Étienne Santais, released their highly anticipated sophomore album, DARKROOM, on May 17, 2024, via Akira Records. This 12-track opus takes listeners on a spellbinding journey into the depths of intimacy, seamlessly blending anonymous stories collected from their global fanbase with the darkest corners of electronic pop.

In a groundbreaking initiative called the “Box of Secrets” project, Ghostly Kisses invited fans worldwide to share their anonymous stories and letters on the band’s website. Renowned for their introspective reflections on poignant experiences, the duo synthesized these missives into their upcoming album.

Margaux Sauvé, the band’s frontwoman, elucidated on the project’s inspiration, stating, “So many people were telling us that they listened to our music through heartbreak, grief, pain, questions they asked themselves, so I thought we should give others a safe space to do the same. For this project, I wanted to live in those themes, those experiences, to make it a multidimensional conversation. For example, we heard from a lot of fans from countries where they couldn’t openly love the person they were in love with for political or social reasons. I felt that pain, identified with it in my own way, and knew many others would too.”

The journey into DARKROOM commences with “There’s No More Space,” a dreamlike exploration of lost connections. Intricate string arrangements by Gabriel Desjardins, coupled with Margaux’s delicate vocals, create a captivating atmosphere reminiscent of early 2000s productions. The dark and impactful “Keep It Real” follows, delving into the pain of insincere relationships. “Golden Eyes” explores the vulnerability of admitting love for a best friend, drawing inspiration from real-life stories shared on the Box of Secrets. The album progresses with “Lonesome Hero,” a unique offering that delves into themes of isolation and internal struggle, inspired by a Box of Secrets testimony about battling anorexia. “Ocean” follows as a danceable anthem of self-realisation and independence, blending 90s dance/garage elements with Ghostly Kisses’ modern sound.

“Calm Down” explores themes of anxiety, depression, and unclear relationships, with the repetition of “Calm down” mirroring the internal dialogue of self-soothing. “On & Off” captures the complexity of relationships with deep connections, marked by ups and downs. The album further unfolds with “Silver Screen,” Crimson,”Within,” and “Beneath The Clouds,” elevating the project into a dimensional experience. “Carousel” concludes the album with a poignant exploration of post-breakup emotions, incorporating carousel imagery from the Box of Secrets.

Ghostly Kisses’ musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their previous album, Heaven, Wait, has amassed an impressive 150 million streams across various platforms, while their current album singles alone have garnered over 2 million streams. The track “On & Off” not only clinched the prestigious Biiblii International Track of The Year award but also soared to the #1 spot on CBC Radio in Canada and secured a Top 10 position on Apple Music in multiple regions. Additionally, it trended at #10 on Spotify Viral and earned the title of “Album of The Week” from FluxFM.

Now, Ghostly Kisses is poised to enchant audiences worldwide with their mesmerising sonic experience. They have unveiled their most extensive UK/EU tour yet, spanning 22 dates at illustrious venues across Europe. The tour has already seen remarkable success, with over 5,000 tickets sold and multiple sold-out shows in cities like Amsterdam, Paris, London, Vienna, Cologne, Dublin, and NYC.


  1. There’s No More Space
  2. Keep It Real
  3. Golden Eyes
  4. Lonesome Hero
  5. Ocean
  6. Calm Down
  7. On & Off
  8. Silver Screen
  9. Crimson
  10. Within
  11. Beneath The Clouds
  12. Carousel


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