East London-born rapper MAK emerges revitalised, unveiling his latest single, “Please,” with newfound vigour and inspiration. Embracing his innovative spirit, MAK defies genre constraints, crafting a soundscape uniquely his own, seamlessly blending hip-hop with a future-retro vibe. The result is a super-chill, sultry melody that perfectly harmonises with his candid lyricism, offering intimate insights into his life’s perspectives. With “Please”, MAK confidently steps into the next chapter of his artistic journey, setting his sights firmly on success.

On the inspiration behind the single, MAK explains, ““Please” is a reintroduction of myself in a weird way. I’ve had a lot of experiences over the past year that I’ve drawn from to create this record. I’m sharing my views on life in recent times. I touch on various subjects such as family, hobbies, women, and ultimately what I see for myself in the near future.”

Directed by Sebastian Luke-Virgo, the official video immerses viewers in a kaleidoscope of vibrant, colour-coded backdrops, accentuating MAK’s effortlessly sleek monochrome fashion sense as he moves rhythmically to the beat. While eschewing a conventional narrative, the video captivates with its playful exploration of colour palettes, infused with his infectious energy. “Please” heralds MAK’s first release of 2024, following the success of his previous tracks “Fortress,” “Check,” and “25,” each accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and solidifying his presence in the music scene.

Hailing from the bustling streets of East London, MAK’s journey into music was organic. Surrounded by the diverse influences of the grime scene and an eclectic mix of musical genres, he found his voice and a fervent passion for storytelling. From freestyling sessions with friends to creating tracks like “How I Feel” during the lockdown in 2020, MAK’s evolution has been a constant thread weaving through the fabric of his life. Fuelled by an insatiable thirst to transcend conventional musical boundaries, MAK boldly ventured into the realm of rap, offering a fresh lens through which to explore authentic experiences and unfiltered emotions. Since then, he has remained steadfastly committed to this path, crafting a distinctive sound that echoes not only the essence of his journey but also of East London’s urban spirit.

Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be the year where MAK transcends from a fan favourite to a commanding superstar. For him, music serves a singular purpose – to evoke feelings either of joy, introspection, or dissent. With each new release, MAK endeavours to forge intimate connections with his audience, inviting them to join him on a journey of shared experiences and profound revelations.


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