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Delush is an indie-rock band from Dublin. It was formed by Scott Leigh and Sean Corcoran who have been playing together since they were teenagers. While their peers were studying for exams and focusing on relationships, the band members were experimenting with music in their spare time.

The pair held a strong belief in their distinct sound and determined that forming a band would be the best course of action to achieve success, so they joined together in 2023 to form Delush. Since then, the band has made considerable progress, accumulating a steady fan base over the course of the year. They have been working tirelessly to perfect their craft and have managed to create a distinct sound that their fans love.

In October 2023, their hard work culminated in the release of their debut single ‘Got Sick’. Scott’s experience with alcoholism made the song resonate with many people.

Now it’s onwards and upwards for the Tallaght group as they set out to make a name for themselves and reach a wider audience with their music. Starting with their upcoming single ‘Rio’

Rio holds a special place in the band member’s hearts. It was the first track that made the audience sing along and request them to release it. The song has an irresistible melody and a catchy hook that nobody can resist joining in on.

The track has a familiarity and comfort that makes the listener feel as much a part of the track as the band.

Rio is a personal one for Scott as it is a poignant manifestation of his journey towards self-acceptance. It’s about accepting and embracing one’s true nature.

It was an incredible experience to witness the track being brought to life in the studio just as intended. A great deal of credit goes to Dan Doherty, who worked his magic at Darklands studio. He is a gifted producer with an impressive track record, having worked with artists such as Fontaines D.C.

single artwork

The track was mixed by Beardfire Studios whose understanding of industry mixing standards is unmatched.

The band feel that it is a great track and are very proud of it.
“We knew Rio had to be our next single based on the crowd alone. Everyone sings the chorus like they’ve known the song all their lives. The first time we played it at practice we knew we were onto a hit. Now that it’s being released, we couldn’t be happier.” 


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