Daughter Of A Drum, the creative alias of multi-talented artist Aoife McAtamney, from Co. Kildare, released her debut single “Heal Me” on April 12th. With a unique blend of haunting vocals, evocative lyrics, and mesmerizing contemporary sounds, “Heal Me” promises to captivate listeners and take them on a transformative musical journey.

Renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to dance, Aoife McAtamney debuts on the music scene with an electrifying single, marking a monumental shift in her career. With captivating live performances blending song and contemporary dance, she’s garnered national and international acclaim. Now, Aoife boldly enters recording, offering audiences a new dimension of her talent. This momentous leap signifies not just the culmination of her artistic journey but also a thrilling opportunity for fans to bring her music home. From remixing classics to original compositions, Aoife’s innovative spirit promises an immersive musical experience. 

Heal Me” is a deeply personal and introspective exploration of pain, healing, and self-discovery. Set against a backdrop of field recordings from Newgrange and late-night New York City, “Heal Me” weaves a tapestry of contrasts, juxtaposing moments of anguish with glimpses of peace and redemption. Drawing inspiration from experiences both intimate and universal, the song delves into the complexities of human emotion with raw honesty and vulnerability. 

About her debut Aoife says… “The song travels and is a composition of contrasts holding both pain and peace. The song starts with an organ acting as a prayer and bubbly synth representing the alchemy of giving into yourself. Trumpets and brass usher in a new day and dream that is your own. Fuzz guitar gives you that sexy rock and roll power, a sultry charisma that comes from your middle and a martini glass. The chorus are your angels cheering you on as you decide to mend your life. The tempo of the song is the tempo of your healing tears. If suffering has a remedy or balm – this song would be it.”

Produced and mixed by Alex Borwick, “Heal Me” features the talents of Graham Hopkins on drums, Caoimhe Hopkinson on bass guitar, Brass by Kevin Foran and Tom Caraher and a pub choir from Celbridge, Co Kildare. With dramaturgy by Renee Yoxon, the song is a testament to the collaborative spirit and creative synergy that defines Daughter Of A Drum’s artistic vision.

“Heal Me” is more than just a song; it’s a remedy for the soul, a balm for the wounded heart. As Daughter Of A Drum invites listeners to embark on this transformative musical journey, they are reminded that even in the depths of despair, there is always hope for healing and redemption.

Daughter Of A Drum’s debut single “Heal Me” will be available on all major streaming platforms on April 12th, 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this captivating musical odyssey firsthand.


April 26th – Marrowbone Book Store, Dublin
May 24th & 25th – Night Dances at Abbey Theatre, Dublin



  1. This is so hauntingly beautiful Aoife! I love it! Best wishes and hope you have a wonderful success with this song going forward….Truly awesome….☘️🥳☘️🥳

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