Artist, model, influencer, and provocateur Britney Manson has unveiled her brand new breakup song ‘I’m Sorry My Lovely Boy’. Already gaining traction on social media, the fiery track is set to be THE anthem for hot girl summer.

With her signature blend of girly pop vocals and deep lyrical themes, the 28-year-old continues to defy conventional genre constraints, embodying the dynamic fusion of mainstream and underground culture.

Britney’s unapologetic lyrics are paired with intoxicating melodies and pulsing beats, as Britney candidly sings “If you wanna know the truth / I don’t wanna be with you / Wanna date a rockstar / I just wanna party on a yacht”.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘I’m Sorry My Lovely Boy’, Britney Mansonsaid: “The girls and the gays get it! Sometimes it comes to the point when you realize you deserve better. You don’t deserve bad treatment from your partner. And even if it’s time to say goodbye, you know that you need something bigger. You wanna date your own rockstar-brave, charismatic and powerful partner! And this song is all about that. Not the typical break up song with sadness, but an energetic dance track with a late 2000s beat”.

I’m Sorry My Lovely Boy’ follows Britney’s previous release ‘American Dream’, which was accompanied by her first-ever music video. Designed, written and co-directed by Britney Manson, the daring visuals pay homage to Britney Spears, engaging viewers in a feast for the senses. ‘American Dream’ arrived after her viral hit ‘FASHION,’ which to date has garnered over 120M streams globally.

Britney also just returned from her electrifying EU/UK tour with asteria and 6arelyhuman, whilst also completing her Paris fashion week debut, walking for the likes of Vetements, and attending Valentino first row. The multi-talent also notably attended the 2024 MetGala party in New York in partnership with TikTok. 


Britney Manson launched her modelling journey at the age of 12 and has since enraptured global audiences with her unabashed charisma and famed instructional catwalk videos on TikTok. Her dedication to her craft and fearless authenticity have even earned her opportunities on prestigious runways, including Paris and Berlin Fashion Week, and campaigns with Italian fashion houses Valentino and Etro.

Britney began her music career in 2021 as a cathartic form of self-expression. She has since released a handful of singles including collaborations with Bill Kaulitz(Tokio Hotel) and Tubegirl

With a rapidly growing fanbase boasting 2.5M followers on TikTok and 4M+ monthly Spotify listenersBritney Manson embodies diversity and representation in an industry hungry for change. As a trans model and influencer, she is a trailblazer in the industry with an influence that transcends borders. 

Photo Credit: Milena Zara


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