BabyDrill by Jon Cannon


Today, Atlanta’s emerging powerhouse, BabyDrill, shares his highly-anticipated project ScoreGod via PDE Records/RCA Records. The album includes Drill’s previously released single “Watchin Now” and follows his 2023 album, MadMan. The project features production from heavyweights Coupe and ATL Jacob, his frequent collaborator WhatItDoFlip, Taurus, and more. ScoreGod also features guest spots from Luh Tyler on the title track “ScoreGod” along with YTB Fatt and Rob49 on “Check Ups.”

ScoreGod is not what BabyDrill’s fans might have expected from the rising rapper. “On my next tape, I’m gonna get on more slow vibes,” Drill previously shared, “just to mellow it out.” On ScoreGod, he trades in verses strong enough to scorch the earth for a more downtempo and minimal sound. A reflective body of work from a clearer mindset, ScoreGod highlights his evolution as a rapper and an artist, a clear departure from the paranoia that seeped through his 2023 album MadMan.

BabyDrill initially garnered buzz in Atlanta with his 2022 breakout song “32 Freestyle.” The word started getting out locally, but BabyDrill couldn’t immediately reap the rewards. Soon after “32 Freestyle” dropped, Drill was arrested. His release on bond that same year was accompanied by his debut project, Drill Season, compiled mostly from older material, which balances big, brassy trap and blockbuster features (Latto, G Herbo) with softer melodic moments like “War Wounds.” For the next six months while on house arrest, Drill would spend nearly every waking moment at the studio. He claims he recorded 900 songs in that stretch, with the first result of that period being his MadMan album that was released in the summer of 2023, right after he beat the case and was cleared of all charges. With a new outlook on life and a buzzing rap career, BabyDrill is focused on the future and also slowing down to enjoy the now. In line with that approach, Drill shares a more mellowed-out side of himself on this release, while proving that whatever side of Drill comes out next, fans can always expect him to provide a surprising twist.

February 7th, 2024 
PDE Records/RCA Records

1. Can’t Speak Again
2. Try Me
3. ScoreGod ft. Luh Tyler
4. Watchin Now
5. Check Ups ft. YTB Fatt and Rob49
6. I Can’t Feel My Face
7. Just Want You ft. Hunxho
8. Detroit Flow
9. Down Bad
10. Ni***s Fold
11. Now It’s F**k Her
12. Double Back
13. Let Em Know
14. What’s The Ticket


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