She’s got the funk! Erica will always be a Bootsy Girl!” – Funk Legend Bootsy Collins

There’s power in the name James. Remember Erica James!” – Ty James, Daughter of Multi-platinum Punk-Funk Legend Rick James

She’s a great artist and a rockstar!” The Runaways lead singer Cherie Currie





Innovative, intergalactic and independent are three words to describe the fearless new artist who is in her own lane in an era of instant stars. London’s Pop Punk-Noire Princess powerhouse Erica James releases her debut album, “WABI SABI”, on March 15th 2024.

The artist’s new album will be available for streaming on all music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal and more. The rising star is set to cause a sensation.

Erica wrote and produced the sublime 10-track debut album, on tales about love, life, loss, relationships, situationships and taking control of your life.

The Anime enthusiast has always been inspired by Japanese culture, making WABI SABI an artistic nod to the concept of simplicity and finding wholeness in imperfection.

The genre-busting musician had initially written and produced 50 songs for the new album, and played guitar and piano on many of the tracks.

Erica about the album: “This is an album for people who love to dance, whether it’s professionally or in their living room flat. I can’t sit still when something moves me. I listened to 100’s of beats. I didn’t finish a song if I didn’t feel what I was saying, or writing. This was after having experienced the worst writer’s block during the lockdown with everything that went on – from adapting to a new normal, to conversations about race and equality across the board, taking centre stage in the public consciousness, it was a lot for everyone, including creatives. 

She continued: “Conversations many of us are used to having within our nest and safe space as women, as melanated people, were now out in the open. Everyone seemingly looked at us to guide and educate them in 2020. I found myself needing to create a space where I could unapologetically channel these thoughts, where anyone no matter your race, creed or culture, could exhale and dance.  WABI SABI was born out of that need. I made the album without a label, without a big budget, without someone twice my age telling me what people my age or younger want to hear. I spoke to my peers, my age group and younger people myself. I lead with my instincts, isn’t that the point of being an artist?”

“The creative faucet  switched back on and I regained parts of myself I hadn’t tapped into since the girl who took her mother’s old leather jacket and spray painted it and adorned it with badges and pins. Something magnetic, powerful was in the room as I recorded each song, and my writing just began to flow through me. When you find your voice in a storm, you can never lose it again.”

The album takes listeners on a journey through time in a modern day psychedelic call to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust era, with the calm and sonic precision reminiscent of Aaliyah, Nao and an early Janet Jackson.

Erica James proves a maverick in gliding seamlessly between Pop, Punk Rock, Funk, Alternative R&B, Afrobeat and Hip-Hop.

When she isn’t performing on stage with Funk Icon Bootsy Collins at the Indigo 02 at London’s 02 arena, the multi-hyphenated artist moonlights as an Entertainment Journalist writing and creating content.

Unapologetically embracing her Blackness within the Pop music space,  the South London born singer-songwriter and producer spent part of her childhood in New Jersey, USA, before returning to London.

This resulted in the young artist’s passion for anthemic stadium thumping choruses, as well as storytelling from Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi as well as an affinity for British Pop and Alternative R&B acts such as Spice Girls and FKA Twigs. 

Erica will be embarking on a tour to perform the upcoming album live. Dates are to be announced


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