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London-based DJ/producer/vocalist Bklava shares their new breaks-laced, piano-powered club banger, “Free”, taken from their 14-track mixtape, c u l8r, out 7 June on their recently launched imprint, Spin Suga. Following recent singles “Make It Work” and “Makes Me (Wanna Move)”, “Free” is a slice of sentimental rave, inspired by meaningful moments at festivals, or dancefloor epiphanies in the club. In Bklava’s own words, “The lyrics speak of the euphoric feeling you get in the club.” 

Speaking on “Free”, Bklava says, “When Sam (TCTS) and I first wrote ‘Free’, we connected over our inspirations; from garage house to piano breaks and especially our mutual love for the 2010-2015 era of deep house we went out raving to. With ‘Free’, I wanted to capture all those elements and make it my own. When I wrote this song, I was experiencing a lot of highs, I felt invincible. I genuinely felt like life could throw me a curveball and whatever it was, I could come back stronger. I knew I had already overcome some battles and felt more headstrong than ever so this was my way of expressing that power and independence through the lyrics which lead to the big euphoric chorus.”

“Nobody’s ever gonna hold me down,
Yeah I’m so high that I can reach the clouds
If I had to risk it all, I would take the fall,
Cos I’m unstoppable”

With an effervescent club sound that reflects Bklava’s far-reaching DJ sets and their signature, distinctive vocals, the forthcoming c u l8r’ mixtape showcases their sonic evolution since their debut EP, Bklava, 2020 (Ministry of Sound). A fierce return for the Lebanese-Irish artist, featuring a host of guest collaborators as well as Bklava’s solo productions, the mixtape promises to pay homage to club culture and its originators, drawing from Northern UK Bassline culture, 90’s NYC house, garage, UK rave, breaks and beyond.

The new label, Spin Suga, started life as a platform set up in Brighton aimed at promoting all female and non-binary artists and DJs in the hope of influencing young women to join the music industry and close the gender gap. Having hosted events, live streams and more, the platform is now a home for Bklava to release new music on their own terms, with ambitious plans for the future.

Breaking through with their self-titled debut EP Bklava (2020), Bklava has enamoured listeners with an intoxicating sound self-described as “non-stop bops and flava”. Fast forward to 2023, Bklava is undeniably cemented as one of club music’s most promising new-gen artists with their shimmering productions and unique hybrid DJ and live performance sets incorporating their powerful vocals. Bklava also has an arsenal of impressive releases (Defected, Ministry of Sound) and remixes for giants including Todd Edwards and Jessie Ware.

Bklava’s love affair with music began during childhood. While their father introduced them to classic rock and folk early on, their mother’s taste veered closer to radio-ready pop and 90s house music. Their parents’ contrasting interests – plus their respective roots in Ireland and Lebanon – introduced Bklava to a melting pot of styles and two distinctive musical heritages. A love of sonorous vocals, ethereal melodies, and an eclectic array of electronic sounds – their influences including Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse, Imogen Heap meet their love of club bops a la Kaytranada, Joy Orbison, Disclosure and more – culminates in a sound that’s Bklava’s own.

Counting Mixmag, DJ Mag, Wonderland, Clash and Notion among their arsenal of fans, Bklava has played iconic venues and events including Pikes, Primavera, Snowbombing, and AVA Festival – performing their debut Boiler Room to raucous reception – and made their mark in the States with several US tours. Currently working on a special project – their first as a fully independent artist – Bklava is sure to pull out all the stops, watch this space!


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