It’s only a matter of time before Tracy enters contemporary music’s upper echelon – so
consider this a rare opportunity to get in at the ground floor
.” – Lyrical Lemonade

If there’s one attribute that many generation-defining artists share, it’s a talent for world building— a strength of Bowman’s.”- Pigeons & Planes

“…this is an icon in the making. No doubt in my mind, especially after diving head first into his
discography and experiencing his wide breadth of musical talents
”- A1234

Rising Baton Rouge, Louisiana based artist Portraits Of Tracy, announces a new album entitled Drive Home which is being independently released on May 26th. Portraits Of Tracy is the artist project of Couren Bowman – an 18 year old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist who initially developed a sizable audience on YouTube doing elaborate beat remake videos of his major influences, including Tyler, the Creator, Kanye West, Madlib, Steve Lacy, etc.

Drive Home is the culmination of 4 years of self-searching, experimentation, and reflection on the trials and tribulations Couren has experienced as black, queer teen growing up in Baton Rouge. In the character of Junie (who appears as the protagonist in previous albums) he explores a fantasy in which he’s financially stable, has made a name for himself as an artist and has seemingly achieved the success he wanted. But as the highs came and went, the feeling of happiness faded, and he grew numb to everything around him. While back in hometown for a headlining, homecoming-type show, Junie is confronted with the unresolved trauma from his childhood, an attempt on his life following his big hometown show, and a chaotic unraveling at a family function.

On focus track “Found!” Junie takes a step back to take accountability for his own actions, and questions whether leaving home for good will really lead to the happiness and self-acceptance he seeks.

Previous singles including “The Party” “The Afterparty” and “Drunk” received strong editorial support from DSPs, with Portraits Of Tracy appearing on the playlist cover of Fresh Finds, along with Spotify adds on Lorem, Fresh Finds Hip-Hop, Fresh Finds R&B, Modern Psychedelia, Levitate – and Apple Music’s Indie Pop, Glow, INDIY and more.

Drive Home Tracklist

1. Lost!
2. 8 Minutes
3. Aeternum
4. En Garde
5. The Party
6. Drunk*
7. The Afterparty
8. Parking Lot
9. Home
10. W. McKinley
11. Ten Years
12. Someday
13. Signals
14. Forbidden Fruit
15. …
16. Found!
17. …(cont.)
18. Graceland


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