Synthetic Souls Unravel Truths Amid Echoes

Commencing in 2014, Apache Grosse has forged a distinctive trajectory within the realm of alternative R&B. Following a transformative sojourn through Europe and Asia, he immersed himself in the realm of music.

Over the ensuing seven years, he meticulously honed his craft. The debut album, “After Her“, and subsequent projects stand testament to his ingenuity and openness, characterized by deeply personal narratives encompassing themes of love, sacrifice, and identity.

While his personal music narrative unfolds, Apache has broadened his horizons by empowering fellow artists as a producer, contributing to their sonic landscapes and narratives. Beyond individual tracks, his involvement in crafting immersive sound scores underscores an expanding creative influence. After half a decade in the making, we arrive at his latest venture, “Life After Her“, reflecting his unwavering spirit, resilience, and dedication to his art.

The Project:

Apache Grosse’s innovative undertaking seamlessly merges the realms of music and film, crafting an immersive narrative of artistic evolution. This endeavor pairs his second album, a dynamic fusion of alternative R&B, with a captivating 13-minute psychological short film illustrating his metaphorical artistic journey (scheduled for release later this month). Acting as a direct sequel to his debut “After Her,” the project delves into themes of overwhelming ego, reflections on fleeting moments of profound love, and the peculiar numbness experienced at the zenith of success. Additionally, it captures the ineffable sensation of recognizing one’s true path.

A collaborative effort involving over 80 artists, this project boldly explores the intersection of music, film, and the myriad possibilities within the artistic community.

Returning with his second album, Apache Grosse delves into the question: What is the cost of the chosen path? This anthology of five songs unravels the tale of Apache’s transformative journey into the musical realm, shedding light on personal tribulations and sacrifices, with love emerging as the primary casualty that paved the way for his musical dedication.

Navigating the currents of alternative R&B, the album offers an eclectic mix of musical moods, ranging from invigorating synth-pop dance beats to dark, theatrically inclined ballads.

Each track encapsulates a moment in Apache’s seven-year odyssey in the music industry, revealing the spectrum of emotions and hurdles he faced.


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