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23-year-old singer-songwriter Amindi announces her new mixtape, Take What You Need, which is set to be released September 15th via EQT Recordings. Alongside the announcement, she shares the project’s second single “diddy crop” produced by SuperSmashBroz, following her previously-released track “green house.”

Explaining the song’s title, Amindi says “P. Diddy is notorious for skillfully-editing people out of his photos, and I think it’s hilarious and valid. In this song, I say ‘I crop a nigga out like Diddy.’ I’ll make it look like you were never here, dummy.

The new project is a mixtape in its purest form: a 15-track compilation of Amindi’s favorite songs recorded in the last two years—”like if I burned you a CD of songs that I like that’s still enjoyable on shuffle,” she describes. Through its diverse, almost-random tracklist, the project aims to illuminate different aspects of Amindi as a person and artist, offering an expansion and evolution of who Amindi is since making nice.

Take What You Need includes features from Kenny Mason, Chlothegod, Jordan Ward, and Franny London, just to name a few, electrifying the project with lyrical and sonic contributions that capture the breadth of creativity Amindi seeks to create. For Amindi, the sheer breadth of her multifaceted project makes sure there’s something for everybody to enjoy—for everyone to, like the title says, take what they need: “I know that every song is not going to be for everybody, but I’m so confident that there’s at least one song on here for everybody—it’s like trail mix,” she jokes. “I just want people to walk away with their M&M.”

Coming up in the age of the Internet, the Jamaican American artist first got her start posting her songs in the early days of SoundCloud in 2013. “My high school gave us iPads with GarageBand my freshman year, and I’d make little beats, record, and upload them onto SoundCloud,” Amindi says. One thing led to another, and her dancehall-inspired track “Pine and Ginger” with Tessellated and Valleyz went viral on the platform her senior year—catapulting Amindi into the spotlight at just 18 years old.

Amindi describes her current unique, genre-melding style as “pastel rap,” an perfect encapsulation of how much she values songwriting and her soft, easygoing sound—“I consider myself a rapper deep down because I value the word,” she explains. “But it’s pastel because if you listen, you’d feel a little pink.”

Listen to “diddy crop” above and stay tuned for more Amindi coming soon.


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