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I like how it sounds, I like how it feels. Really really nice piece of music” – Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1

This really is special” – Jess Iszatt, BBC Introducing London

Seizing the moment while it’s ripe, Belgian singer-songwriter Margo Raats is set to unveil her latest single, “Crying In The Taxi,” on March 27th. Renowned for her deeply emotive compositions, as evidenced by her debut track “I Wish I Was The Moon” and her recent release “Night & Day”, which collectively have earnt over 130,000 streams across DSP’s, Raats continues to exhibit her raw talent, poignant lyricism, and enchanting vocals. With eager anticipation surrounding her upcoming offering,

Margo adeptly channels her pop sensibilities and lyrical finesse, delving into themes of remorse and introspection against a backdrop of melancholic melodies. For Raats, vulnerability is not a weakness but a source of strength, and her music serves as both a sanctuary and an outlet for expression. Despite the melancholy undertones of her work, she adamantly rejects being pigeonholed as merely a Sad Girl, emphasising her multifaceted nature and her capacity for both depth of feeling and exuberance.

Speaking on the release, in her own words Margo humbly explains; “Sometimes I wonder if it would be better if we had a certain amount of I love you’s and sorry’s to give. I think words lose meaning, it’s hard being honest, in a world where no one is pure. 
“ I’ve learned that love is more than joined shadows on the wall, it takes time to know someone, the better days of us was getting high and getting lost finding concord in the endless in-between”.  
Love makes me cry, in a way it also tells me I’m alive. I wanted crying in the taxi to be a celebration of crying and leaning in, that’s our duty on this earth to lean In. I wanted to be able to dance to the sound of letting go.  
“Cause this time it’s time.” 
Writing songs I often look for answers below the surface and between the lines but not with CITT. It was simple, a change in destination. For everyone who can relate to this, you should be proud + i hope you dance to it too.”

Long before her musical debut, Margo Raats had already graced the stages of notable festivals such as Barn on The Farm (2019) and 2000 Trees (2022), and recently earned a coveted support slot for Belgian sensation Berre in a sold-out performance in Brussels. Having shared stages with the likes of Liam Bailey and Tom Grennan, Raats also made an appearance at the industry festival, Vill Vill Vest in Norway, in November 2023. As she stands on the cusp of her forthcoming project ‘Paper Paradise,’ “Crying In The Taxi” serves as a tantalising precursor, offering a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic sonic journey that awaits.

Entering the tangible space of ‘music artist’ with the release of her debut single “I Wish I Was The Moon”, the track was immediately championed up by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, who gave it not one but two spins on his ‘Future Artists’ show, alongside the supports of BBC Introducing London’s Jess Iszatt and Spotify playlists ‘New Music Friday BE’, ‘Fresh Finds Pop’, ‘Fresh Finds(# 4)’, and ‘I Walk Alone’ on Spotify. With an even longer list of support to surround her second single “Night & Day”, making itself home in playlists, ‘New Music Friday’ (BE + NL),‘Fresh Finds UK&IE’ (#10), ‘Fresh Finds’ (#8), ‘Fresh Finds Pop’ (#3), ‘Easy’, and ‘Alt/Pop’, the release of “Crying In The Taxi” is anticipating equal, if not more excitement around this budding talent.


Growing up on a picturesque ranch in Belgium, Margo Raats’ childhood overflowed with imagination. The tunes of Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac filled the air, fostering in Margo a natural talent for storytelling that would later blossom in her own creations. Whether strumming the guitar alongside her father or dabbling in painting and fashion design, she explored various channels of self-expression. Yet, it was through song that Margo found her most profound outlet for emotion. “Most of the time my songs are improvised on the spot,” Margo explains. “I usually just sit down and sing my heart out.”

At 15, Margo took charge of her education, yearning for acceptance beyond her hometown’s confines. Drawn to London’s liberating vibe, she quickly found her tribe among fellow musicians and artists. Balancing long days at a restaurant with open mic nights, she honed her craft, fearlessly embracing each opportunity to perform. In those moments on stage, Margo felt truly liberated. Enrolling in songwriting studies at London’s prestigious BIMM Institute, Margo’s talent caught the attention of industry insiders. Introduced to DJ and radio presenter Phil Taggart, her demos sparked immediate interest. Collaborating with producer Dan Hylton, she poured herself into every aspect of her forthcoming debut EP, resulting in a deeply personal yet polished sound.

Margo Raats is authentic, genuine, and irresistibly captivating. Keep an ear out for more from this emerging artist as she continues to turn her life experiences into resonant, relatable anthems for all.



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