French DJ/Production duo 2smile start 2024 with a resilient bang as they present two brand new singles Walking Through and Barb on their Ondaweymusic imprint.

Fueled with high octane energy combined with a club heavy bass, Walking Through provides unmatched intensity, an abundance of suspense and amplenous drive, marking itself as a must have track for any progressive DJ’s arsenal.

Shortly following Walking Through, the impressive duo present Barb. Almost hypnotic with its vocals that pulsate to the impellent kick drum, Barb builds upon its tension and propels eminently with its dynamic bassline providing an experience that is powerful yet mesmerising. Captivating yet Vigorous, Barb is assured to entice ravers who favour more insightful and deeper cuts whilst also appealing to those that require high energy.

Walking Through and Barb comes at the end of a very successful year for the dynamic duo, following an impressive release schedule and has seen the pair release frequently on their Ondaweymusic imprint exploring the worlds of Deep House, Afro House, Tech House and Techno. With the likes of ‘Kovalsky’ a progressive cut radiates euphoria showcasing the duo’s keen ability to deliver a dancefloor banger, ‘Step Up In Da Club’, a track that grabs you by the collar and pulls you onto the dancefloor and atmospheric and ‘Ramou’ with its atmospheric lines and chiming bells, the pair’s adaptability to exploring new sounds is made evident by their production versatility and ability to adapt to different styles. With support from the likes of Paco Osuna, Alex Medina, Terry Francis, DJ Ross to name a few, the duo have without doubt made an impact on the scene.

With an output that is both energetic and melodic, mixing genres and incorporating elements of music from around the world, their topclass productions, combined with their stage presence, make the duo a cocktail sure to excite the crowds, creating a magical and unforgettable party atmosphere.

About 2smile

Under the alias 2smile, longtime collaborators Axel Franchi and Benjamin Guerini have been showcasing their passion for electronic music for more than 20 years. Known for their respective Sound System (OQP + METEK) and pioneering the Hard Tekno and Tekno movement, the pair have gained a reputation for hosting some of the biggest European Free parties where they performed under their many different pseudonyms including XTECH,OKUPE and BEN METEK. Constantly evolving 2smile see’s the pair embark on a new journey, exploring deeper and melodic sounds.2023 saw the launch of their imprint Ondaweymusic which has served as a host to all of their releases this year. 2024 sets to be a huge year for the label with forthcoming releases from the likes of Sekael and Jade Praize as well as multiple releases from the duo themselves.  Furthermore, following their highly successful label showcases which hosted the likes of Popof and Citizen Kain, 2smile have outlined plans to take Ondaweymusic on the road with proposed plans to host events in France, Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.


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